Trend reports, are they still important?

Working with some of the most exclusive high-end salons in Mayfair and Chelsea during the 90’s and 00’s I was always amazed by the delusions of the art directors and art teams when they would deliver the bi-annual trend reports.

Models and muses would be produced with towering constructions of hairspray and hope, androgynous assistants would be paraded with post-apocalyptic visions of “the NU crop” and trust me! Plastering on more makeup than RuPaul never enhances the presentation of hair, and don’t get me started on the synthetic Organza as the fabric of the future debate!

Yes I have spent hours trying to distill every image (over 2,000 thumbnails) from the four main fashion weeks into media-friendly sound bites, and held many presentations relaying key trends back to eager hairstylists, some poised to project the seasons must-have reference onto Mrs Peters, the Wednesday 10.30 blow dry appointment that every stylist wants to reinvent.

But good news clients! The trend report is dead! So…. long live the trend report!!

Let me explain.

Gone are the days of the tail wagging the dog, no longer are hairstylists directed by fashion and it’s seasons, but rather fashion is directed by what I refer to as the endless summer! The phenomenon of social media and the inevitable shrinking of the world due to the viral reach of key images. Selfies like sunlight, and it’s always summer somewhere, hence the endless summer.

Influencers like it hot!

So trends are no longer watershed, line in the sand defining moments, shifts in trends are so incremental you don’t even feel it happening. And guess what, it’s good news for guests, no longer are you the mannequin heads falling victim to the fashion experiments of the over excited and somewhat misguided stylist, but rather the respected muse, gently evolving into the best version of individual beauty the stylist can visualise. All achieved effortlessly by osmosis via the daily trend report that I like to call Instagram, the most influential thing to happen to hairdressing in my near 30 year career.

Miles Rhodes – Salon Director, Vaughan Hairdressers in Bath

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