Spring is in the hair!

Welcome to the very first Vaughan Hairdressers in Bath Blog. Hopefully, over time, this section of our website will help guests and potential guests to get a feel of the type of service and level of expertise and passion that the team at Vaughan hair salon have to offer.

In our first Blog, we are going to take the time to introduce readers to our ethos. Hopefully, this will help explain why our loyal clients consistently decide to choose Vaughan.

The City of Bath is blessed with many good hair salons, with a wide variety of price points and consumer choice. However, at Vaughan, we believe that we truly offer great value to our guests by offering a unique approach to our craft that revolves around four key principles!

Those principles are simply the cornerstones of Consultation, Care, Construction and Clarification.

At Vaughan we listen to the hair, listen to the guest and listen to the hair again. We are realistic, honest, and present a clear vision of the path that will be taken to ensure optimum results are achieved. Because of this, we get it right first time, most of the time. We don’t rely only on guest direction, we add value by being the experts, understanding the hair’s limitations, and leading the service.

At Vaughan, we cleanse, condition and groom the hair. To provide maximum hydration, appropriate shine and genuine health in every single strand of hair, we use and recommend the world’s finest hair preparations. Our ranges of home care and in salon products are exclusively vegan, and are certified free from all the usual nasties such as mineral oil, parabens and sulphates associated with skin irritations and crucially, colour fading! Our experts are always on hand to offer solutions to any challenges you may have away from the salon.

At Vaughan stylists choose lengths, shapes and structures that will maintain the shape and health of the hair for maximum longevity. We know that efficient appointment cycles create genuine value for guests. On average our haircuts look great for around 12 weeks, so at four or five haircuts a year, our pricing structure starts to look very good value, take into account that the average appointment time for a production line haircut in Bath is around 45 minutes, our generous service times of 60-90 minutes really give our stylists the time to add true value.

At Vaughan we take time to explain the execution of the consultation and service, we define any deviations or revelations, and we teach techniques and identify useful tools to maintain your hair away from the salon. As the great Vidal Sassoon famously said: “If you don’t look good, we don’t look good.”

So that’s the basics of the Vaughan ethos, adding value by allowing the experts the resources of time and uncompromising product choice to achieve daily what most hairdressers might consider career highlights! The results are genuine guest delight and true added value. I often challenge myself to find an Instagram account that impresses me more than the @vaughanhair account, and can honestly say, it’s rare to find one that contains as many genuinely impressive, unfiltered images and transformations.

Any questions, feedback or suggestions for what to feature on our blog? Please do get in touch by emailing info@vaughanhair.com who knows, you could feature in a future blog!

In our next blog, we will be talking trend reports! What influences our hairstylists and predictions for hair going forward in 2019.

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